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  1. Mahsa Esmaeili has Graduated
    Mahsa Esmaeili has graduated her master studies from Aarhus University with specialization in Electronic Wearable Devices and Integrated Electronics.  Her master thesis was focused on SRAM memory design for low power, low voltage, hearing aids.​

    Shortly after her graduation, she was employed as an R&D engineer at Delta A/S.


  2. Behzad Zeinali has Graduated
    Behzad Zeinali has completed his PhD education where he researched ultra-low power memory design in scaled technology nodes. His thesis:

    Memories in Embedded Computing Systems – Challenges and Opportunities of Technology Scaling

    resulted in novel low-power consuming, reliable and high-density embedded memories such as SRAMs, STT-MRAMs and SOT-MRAMs in scaled technology nodes.


  3. Katrine Lundager has Graduated
    Katrine Lundager has graduated her master studies from Aarhus University with specialization in Integrated Electronics and energy harvesting. She has been erolled in PhD studies along side the master studies and completed the master degree with a qualification exam with focus on solar energy harvesting in miniature sensor nodes and intra ocular pressure sensor.

    With this new degree, Katrine is continuing her PhD studies in collaboration with Macquarie Univeristy in Sydney.

Recent Publications
  1. A Novel Nondestructive Bit-Line Discharging Scheme for Deep Submicrometer STT-RAMs

    by B. Zeinali, J. K. Madsen, P. Raghavan, F. Moradi
    Accepted in IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing

    Low-leakage sub-threshold 9T-SRAM cell in 14-nm FinFET technology

    by B. Zeinali, J. K. Madsen, P. Raghavan, F. Moradi
    Accepted in International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications

    by H. Farkhani, M. Tohidi, A. Peiravi, J. K. Madsen, F. Moradi
    Accepted in IEEE TVLSI
  2. An Energy Efficient Neuromorphic Computing System Using Real Time Sensing Method

    by H. Farkhani, M. Tohidi, S. Farkhani, JK Madsen, F.Moradi
    Accepted in BioCAS 2017,

    Ultra-Fast SOT-MRAM Cell with STT Current for Deterministic Switching

    by B. Zeinali, J. K. Madsen, P. Raghavan F. Moradi
    Accepted in IEEE ICCD 2017

    by M Akbari, O Hashemipour, F Moradi
    Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing Journal
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Open Positions
2-year PostDoc
Expired: Low-Power CMOS Integrated Circuits Design for Brain Implants for Optogenetics
Application deadline: August 15, 2017.
ICE-Lab is a research group from the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University. The areas of research at the department covers biological and chemical engineering, civil and architectural engineering, electrical and computer engineering and mechanical and materials engineering
Each year, the department initiates a great number of multidisciplinary projects. The lates projects can be found in the Research Profile 2016.
This year, ICE Lab has started the project of constructing an intelligent contact lens to improve treatment conditions for glaucoma. See pages 58-59.
3-year PostDoc
Expired: Device Circuit Co-Design of Spintronic Memories Assisted by Photonics​​​
Application deadline: August 1st, 2017.
Expired:Ultra-Low Power Integrated Circuits Design for Brain Implants Powered by Energy Harvesting
Application deadline: August 1st, 2017.

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